DIY Piggy Bank Party: Financial Literacy Night

September 15th, from 6:00-7:00pm in the cafeteria 

At our DIY Piggy Bank Party, students and their families/guardians can come together for a fun event to talk and learn about making good personal finance decisions and budgeting through games and crafts! 

We are collecting plastic bottles (soda, water, etc...) and empty cardboard or plastic containers for our DIY Piggy Bank Party! Bring your clean, empty containers or bottles and place them in the marked box by the PTA shelf near the front door.

Examples: Empty oatmeal containers, pickle jars, gatorade bottles, small cardboard boxes, etc... Thank you!

We are also welcoming any donations of extra scrapbook paper, glue, paints or markers, pipe-cleaners, or other craft supplies. Those can be placed on the PTA shelf by the front doors.